Drain Maintenance

There are many things that find their way into the drains in a person’s home that can cause it to clog or drain very slowly. Some of the most common clogs result from hair, cooking grease, soap scum and even coffee grounds. The best drain cleaner may be preventative maintenance.

A screen or drain grate can be put at the top of the drain. This will keep many things from getting into pipes below the sink or tub. These screen or drain grates can be purchased at any hardware store or a store that sells plumbing supplies. Installing them is as simple as putting them on the drain’s opening.

Many plumbers recommend people run hot water down their sink or bathtub after each time they use it. This will keep any oils or bits of food from building up inside the pipes. When this isn’t done regularly, waste products can form a barrier in the interior of a pipe. Over time this will cause water to continually move slowly through the pipes and eventually result in a clog.

Even when people do everything possible, they may end up with a clogged drain. When this happens, many people begin to search for the best drain cleaner available. Here are a few best drain cleaners and openers that perform better than others.

Best Drain Cleaners

Pure Lye Drain Opener

This is a safe and effective drain cleaner that comes in the shape of beads. It has been designed to be one of the best drain cleaner products that are environmentally safe. Its formula is non-acidic as well as biodegradable. People with pipes in their homes made from plastic, metal or even chrome can feel safe using this product. It will not harm pipes and produces no odor. This product has been designed to clear clogs in drains as well as in a septic system. It is so safe that Pure Lye Drain Opener is often used in schools, hospitals and business offices. We give them our highest rating due to its price and superior performance ratio when compared to some generic products.

Oatey Glug Drain Opener

This drain cleaner is a very versatile product that comes in the form of crystalline flakes. It can be used to clear a drain in an emergency situation as well as to perform regular preventive maintenance. It does not utilize any type of aluminum or phosphates and employes hot water formula to produce excellent results. The large crystalline flakes have been designed to easily dissipate anything clogging a drain such as food particles, hair, soap, grease and more. Oatey Glug Drain Opener clears a clog quicker than a liquid or bleach based solution. It is also cost effective and produces no unpleasant odors while delivering excellent results.

CLR Power Plumber Drain Opener

We put this product on our “3 Best Drain Cleaner List” because of its simplicity, easy instructions and ability to deliver remarkable results. This drain cleaner is perfect for people who try to avoid using harsh chemicals in their home as there are no toxic substances involved with using this clog opener. It can easily clear any clog from your drain with a blast of highly compressed gas that expands when released into your drain. It is safe to both pipes and the environment. This drain cleaner produces the results almost instantly and has enough pressurized gas to be utilized for an average of 15 times. As we mentioned before, the can content is nontoxic and produces no odor. The CLR Power Plumber Drain Opener can be successfully used against the most difficult clogs in toilets, sinks and showers.

Important tips for using CLR Power Plumber Drain Opener:

  • Make sure to follow the instructions and cover the overflow drain or a second sink when using on double sinks.
  • Consider getting CLR Power Plumber Pressurized Drain Opener Plunger Kit when using on toilets, urinals, shower and floor drains and garbage disposals. In addition to Power Plumber it contains 2 way universal adapter, extension handle and a plastic cap.

Do NOT use this product in any drains that contain any lye or acid solution or mix it with any other chemical drain cleaner.