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Why we started this

You can’t find a cleaner or any other product where manufacturers don’t claim they have found the magic formula. They all state to have created the top solution that meets all your needs and boast to be the best. Shiny and colorful labels try to prove their superiority over the next competitor and it can be often frustrating to choose the best product for your cleaning project. We have all been there. And because buying and testing them all is not the easiest or cheapest option, we have decided to create and help people out by providing independent guides and reviews.

Our goal

Here at we do the research for you and provide unbiased reviews and advice on the top cleaning products available on the market. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or brand nor do we receive any kind of compensation to rate a certain product better than the rest. So whether you are looking for an inexpensive, green or the most powerful cleaner we are here to give you unbiased information and recommendations to help you choose an excellent product that suits your needs best.

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